About this blog

Greetings from Hamilton, Ontario! I’m Helen Powers and I’ve been visiting Hamilton for decades. My Mom grew up here and we often visited the many relatives who were still living in or near Hamilton.

This is my Mom (tall one) and her siblings growing up in Hamilton, circa 1930.

This is my Mom, growing up with her shorter siblings in Hamilton, circa 1930. Aunt Mary is looking pretty grumpy 🙂

In 2006 I moved to Hamilton and was surprised at the range of reactions from friends and family. ‘Why would you want to move to that armpit of a city?’ was definitely the most negative thing I heard.

Hamilton doesn’t have a great public image partly because of that industrial view from the Burlington Skyway. But there’s much more to see if you get off the highway and explore.

In this blog, I’ll expand on that view by sharing stories of living here – the diversity, beauty and history that is Hamilton. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see featured!

You can also find me on Instagram and LinkedIn and Twitter. If you are into social responsibility, Socially Responsible Thoughts is the blog I wrote before this one.

Thanks for visiting!




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