That’s all she wrote folks…

Today in Hamilton, we are having a lovely mix of rain, snow and freezing rain. It is the sort of January weather that makes one wish the only task for the day could be sipping delicious hot beverages while reading interesting books by a cozy fireplace.

Alas, there is work to be done so all of that will have to wait. Sadly, my blog has been doing a lot of waiting over the last year or so as life has been busy. There were many days out of town and lots of writing for clients so it’s all good but, out of necessity, the blog has become a lower priority.

So today, I’m wrapping up Living in Hamilton and saying farewell for now. This was not my first blog and maybe in the future there will be another. Thanks to all my visitors and if you’re craving more information about this great city, check out Tourism Hamilton’s¬†amazing list of local bloggers.

I have no pictures of today’s lovely weather but I am rather addicted to capturing scenes with my phone. If you’d like to see more of Hamilton and other parts of Ontario, you can find me here on Instagram.

Take care,


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