Cactus Festival 2017

We went to the Cactus Festival here in Dundas on Saturday for the first time ever. It’s been four years since we moved here so, yeah, we were a bit slow on the uptake. What a good time we had – highly recommended for great family fun!


We ate a bit too much rich food but it’s been forever since we had soft ice cream and we’d never tried onion blooms before. Both delicious.



Yes, this is just one onion, breaded and deep-fried into deliciousness.

There were so many people there and everyone politely made room for each other while checking out the vendors, bars, stores, and amusements for the kids. There were three stages along the street with a wide variety of music playing.



We had never seen these before. The kids step into a semi-inflated ball that is fully filled with air and then rolled into the water. 

We also saw two dog shows by McCann’s. This was a little hard at times because several of the dogs looked like our Jack who passed this spring. They put on wonderful demonstrations and the dogs looked so happy to be busy with their handlers.


For vintage folks like myself, you’ll recognize the Spoons as a great band who started out in the 80s. They were featured on Saturday night but this chick was too tired to head back downtown for the show. I was pretty surprised to recognize one of their songs wafting all the way back to my patio around 10:30 pm!

We’ll definitely be back for the festival next year. A big thank you to all the folks who worked hard to put the event together in downtown Dundas. There is an incredible community spirit here because of the dedication of many locals who make this town a great place to live.

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