Seedy Saturday

It is the middle of February and even though our winter has been very mild, I’m craving dirt and green things and really looking forward to spring gardening. So when I saw several mentions of Seedy Saturday on Twitter this morning, I got myself off the couch and went to check out this event.

20160206_114849 (2)

Green Venture is the organizer of this annual event and for the first time, they used McMaster’s Innovation Park as the setting. The place was hopping! There were many vendors selling an incredible range of seeds and related products in the main gathering space. Just down the hall you could take part in a seed exchange or sit in on workshops.

20160206_114510 (2)

I really liked the display of Hawthorn Farm’s organic seeds. Each pair of panels is like an over-sized wooden suitcase that closes up for travel. Great design.

It was hard to choose among the seed choices but here is what I decided on. I’m looking forward to starting these veggies indoors soon and trying my hand at growing chia seed sprouts in the next few days. Apparently they only take 3 to 6 days to become a green option in sandwiches and more.

ss goodies

I also picked up free runner bean seeds from the Dundurn Castle booth. I’m not sure which I will enjoy more, the blooms or the food. The seeds come from the castle’s kitchen garden which is amazing. If you want to know more about the historic garden restoration, you can read this magazine article I wrote a few years ago and visit their website.

There were free copies of the annual Hamilton’s Farm Map and Directory too. I have visited some of these places and will enjoy exploring new ones later this year. There’s a digital version on the Hamilton Eat Local website if you are interested.

local food map

It won’t be long now until the shovels and hoes will be dusted off and made useful again. By then I hope to have a fine crop of wee veggies grown indoors and ready to pop into the new garden we made in our back yard last year. Getting a head start will make it seem that spring is even closer, especially because I will have fresh dirt to smell.

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