The Tropical Greenhouse in Gage Park

Southern Ontario is taking a long time to warm up this spring and although the snow is gone here in Hamilton, gardening season seems a long way off. So this week I visited the tropical greenhouse in Gage Park to see some greenery and warm up for awhile.

This is a very pleasant place to pretend you’re not in Canada when you’ve had enough of our cold climate. As soon as you walk in the door, the lovely warmth and humidity will make you feel transported far, far south of here. Adding to the illusion is a waterfall cascading down into a pond where bright orange fish swim around turtles basking on the rocks.

Topiary dolphins leaping through the stream

Topiary dolphins leaping through the stream

Bright blossoms and foliage in many colours are very lush and will help you forget the icy windshields, snow storms and bitter temperatures we endured just a short time ago!



The City's website says these are Red-eared Slider turtles

The City’s website says these are Red-eared Slider turtles

In addition to this tropical display, the greenhouse hosts an annual Fall Garden and Mum Show which is gorgeous and a Spring Tide Bulb Show which sadly I just missed.

Gage Park is in Hamilton’s east end, just below the Niagara Escarpment and adjacent to King Street. Owned by the city since 1922, it includes 30 hectares of land used as the venue for many events and activities. The City of Hamilton has been working on rejuvenating the park with a new master plan which can be viewed here if you’d like a bigger perspective on the park.

So if you’re craving some warmth and greenery before our spring fully arrives, sitting awhile on the comfortable benches in Gage Park’s tropical greenhouse may be just what you need!



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