Christmas shopping on Locke Street

A few days ago I visited Locke Street’s Christmas Open House event and found a few more presents for my family in this fabulous shopping area of Hamilton. If you have not yet been here, you are in for lots of interesting discoveries when you visit.

Locke Street Shops are known for delicious places to eat, a wide variety of places to shop and also for popular events. Located just south of Main Street in Hamilton’s west end it is easy to access from nearby highway #403 or by transit.

Probably the area’s most well-known event is the Locke Street Festival which closes several blocks to traffic so that music stages and vendor tents can take over. Attendance at this annual event has been well over 10,000 people.

This past Saturday’s event featured wagon rides with beautiful work horses, strolling Victorian carolers, and Santa and Mrs. Claus handing out candy canes as they walked among the shops. Kids were excited to see Santa, calling out to get his attention and running up to say hi with big smiles. It was a cold and damp day but it seemed this North Pole couple wasn’t troubled by the weather and their genuine enthusiasm for the kids warmed me up.



I had time to visit a few favourite shops on Saturday including Beach Road Deli, Goodness Me, Lulu and Lavigne and Ten Thousand Villages. Other favourites include Textures and the Bread Bar which is a wonderful place to eat for enthusiasts of local food. Oh and Chuck’s Burger Bar is mighty tasty too….the brie, pear and caramelized onion topping combo is just one of many unique burgers on the menu.

Another cool thing about Locke Street is the poetry imbedded into the sidewalks. These particular words start on the east side of Locke near Charlton but you can find others as you explore the shopping district.









Another cool thing on Locke Street – a bike repair station!



I haven’t been to the Brown Dog yet but I hear it’s a tasty place.


Textures Craftworks is a co-operative featuring local artisan items

There are so many good places to visit on Locke Street you will need multiple visits to see them all. Whether you have gifts to buy for the holiday season or you want to spend time with friends over drinks and great food, you are bound to find something that you will enjoy.


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