Dundas Driving Park

We’re having a very cold and snowy winter this year and yes, it is tempting to stay indoors until mittens are no longer needed. But we’re Canadian so outside we go and enjoy the snow and ice while it is here. At Dundas Driving Park on a recent “cold alert” day, I found lots of people who weren’t afraid to get out there and have fun.

This is probably my favourite Hamilton park. It’s like a smaller version of High Park in Toronto or Central Park in New York City because there is so much to do here and enough room to do all sorts of things at once. People are friendly and quick to give a smile and say hello – so that means Dundas gets extra points over Toronto and New York.

The skating pad is relatively new and has it’s own Zamboni! How cool is that? You can get food and drink at the concession stand and there’s good music blasting too.DSCN4994

All ages hang out here – the older people are teaching the young ones how to skate and the teenagers and everyone else in between know that they have a good place here to meet friends.

DSCN5009That’s the beautiful Niagara Escarpment behind the complex that includes washrooms, change rooms and the concession stand.

DSCN4993The park has a very interesting history that is well captured in this article by Stan Nowak, a dedicated local heritage advocate. This statue is a nod to the park’s past life as a race track, one of Canada’s very first.

DSCN4992In warmer seasons, there are many things to do here like tennis, lawn bowling, baseball, picnics, and being rowdy on the play grounds too. One early morning last summer, it was lovely to see the tennis courts filled with every age from youngsters learning how to hold a racket, to white-haired seniors with lots of zip in their moves.

DSCN5001The oval road wrapping around the park perimeter – where the race track used to be – is busy with walkers, joggers and cyclists too during all hours of the day. The park has a wonderful established feel to it, in part because the city is keeping the tree canopy full by planting new trees. Dundas Driving Park has a very comfortable, charming atmosphere and with the many choices of activities, it is easy to understand it’s popularity in all seasons.




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