Grove Cemetery

IMG-20130819-00397A few months ago, we moved from the west end of Hamilton over to Dundas, a smallish town incorporated into Hamilton during an amalgamation in 2001. Many lovely spots are being discovered in town as the wee dog and I explore new neighbourhoods. And surprisingly, perhaps, one favourite new spot is Grove Cemetery.

Established in 1852, this property has the quaint address of 129 1/2 York Road, Dundas. Set into a steep hill with the Niagara Escarpment along its back, there are lovely views to be had both up into the escarpment and looking back out across Dundas Valley. I’m looking forward to the views this fall when the trees turn colour and the views become even more amazing.


IMG-20130817-00396It is a popular spot for many to walk and run and Jack is always happy to meet other dogs traipsing through to Dundas Driving Park, a gorgeous gem at the back of the cemetery.


IMG-20130819-00400In the 1800’s, Dundas was already a well-established and high-profile commercial centre and the grave markers are an interesting historical study of the town from it’s early days to present.

This Historical Hamilton website has more pictures and has a partial listing of the burials on this property.


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