Westdale Theatre

This is an exciting week for athletes and couch potatoes all over the world as the Olympics open in four days in London, England! I have to admit that I lean to the couch potatoe classification and sometimes the opening and closing ceremonies are my favourite parts.

I have always been completely in awe of any athlete who makes it to an Olympic competition and have often wondered at the time commitment required to reach that goal. Well, two days ago, I watched an indie documentary about a local Hamilton athlete who is representing Canada in London and I got a much better idea of the time involved. Now I’m even more in awe.

Reid Coolsaet is a local runner extraordinaire and another local, Paul Trebilcock, made a great documentary about Reid’s Road to London which premiered at the Westdale Theatre on July 21. The turnout was great and we were treated to a personal greetings from both Paul and Reid themselves. Reid is an absolutely amazing athlete and Paul did a fabulous job of showing his inspiring journey. The film included training trips to Kenya, running mates and trainers in Guelph, high school buddies with funny stories and clips from Hamilton’s own ‘Around the Bay’ race.

The crowd lingered for a long time after the show was over.

This was only my second time inside the theatre although I’ve walked by probably hundreds of times on errands and dog walks. Located right in the middle of Westdale Village, it is a rare single screen, independent theatre with great old-fashioned plush seats for 498 – most of which were full on Saturday.

You can check out the theatre’s Twitter account @WestdaleTheatre or their Facebook page or their website. I’m looking forward to many more visits and to cheering on Reid in his upcoming Olympic marathon. Woot Woot!!

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