The Scottish Rite Club

Happy New Year! It’s early days for 2012 and I’ve already been to the dentist – sadly, to have a cavity filled. I guess those Christmas cookies were too much sugar after all?

Aside from my dentist and her staff being great people, the good thing about going there is the glorious view from the waiting room. Right across the street is the Scottish Rite Club, a beautiful heritage gem at 4 Queen Street South.

The Queen Street entrance

What is a Scottish Rite? To quote the Supreme Council’s website: ‘It is a branch of Freemasonry designed to supplement and amplify the philosophical teachings of the first three degrees.’ It all sounds pretty complicated but their website does have a list of FAQ’s if you want to check it out. For a more overall perspective, there’s always Wikipedia.

Queen Street Doors

According to Historical Hamilton, the original mansion was built in 1896 for George Tuckett, founder of Tuckett Tobacco and the 27th Mayor of Hamilton.  This great article at Raise the Hammer’s website explains that it was Hamilton’s most expensive building at the time and was designed by architect James Balfour.

The view from George Street

The Scottish Rite’s Freemason website, explains that the Rite leaders purchased the property in 1920 and that it’s cathedral opened in 1923. And you can rent this amazing place for weddings, meetings and presentations. The first website link at the beginning of this post will show pictures and provide some facility details.

The newer portion, with front doors facing King Street West

There are so many great building details, including the stained glass windows...

...the carved stone.......

...and metal work like the King Street fence and...


....the King Street gates.


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