Ivor Wynne Stadium

My son plays football at Westdale Highschool and for the last two weeks, their games were at Ivor Wynne Stadium. It’s exciting to see your teenager play on a professional field!

Last week’s game against McNab Highschool was a bit painful to watch especially as a mom because McNab’s players were huge!! This picture below shows the height difference but girth was also an issue.

McNab players are in the white uniforms

Following Westdale’s loss, the coach stressed that with their smaller size, execution must be excellent. And that paid off last night with a great win against Delta who I must say, have the most enthusiastic and faithful cheerleaders I’ve ever seen. Right to the end they kept up loud and lively support. And afterward I overheard ‘We lost with pride!’ Woot woot!

Ivor Wynne Stadium is planning big changes for the upcoming Pan Am games in 2015 so this tired facility will look pretty different in a few years. In fact, the Hamilton Spectator reported this afternoon that three construction companies are touring the stadium today in preparation for their renovation bids.

Originally known as the Civic Stadium, this facility was built in 1930 to host the British Empire Games. Here’s a link to the Hamilton Tiger Cats website if you’d like to know more about the stadium’s history.

According to the Ticats website, this outdoor video board is the largest in the country




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