Supercrawl 2011

Hamiltonians faced difficult decisions on Saturday September 10 as three big events converged downtown. Amongst the choices of Supercrawl, Locke Street Festival and the Canadian Country Music Awards concert – I chose Supercrawl. Lots of people didn’t choose but went to all three, helped by a free shuttle service.

This was the 3rd year for Supercrawl and as a first time visitor I was surprised to see the variety of action. Yes, there was stage after stage of great music – and even a band inside a small vintage shop – but there were also street artists, buskers and loads of artisans selling their wares. I’ll put a plug in here for my friend Tracey who was selling her one-of-a-kind jewelry under her label Sundara Studios.

The shops and galleries of James Street North were packed with people as though the day was one big open house sidewalk sale. We hugely enjoyed visiting Mixed Media, the Mulberry Cafe, the HIStory & HERitage gallery and numerous vintage shops. I’m definitely heading back soon for another explore.

There was also lots of street art – here are a few samples:

These guys were perched on the roof of Mixed Media


Watch out behind you! It's funky blue street art!


This one looked like neoprene coated driftwood


A three storey tea cosy.....

....complete with knitted window boxes



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