and the garden grows….

WHERE has the summer gone? We have been out of town a lot (which explains my lack of recent posts) but my community garden plot has carried on without me. My first post on the plot was July 6, in case you want to take a look.

Here’s a picture of my harvest from this morning. The tiny purple potatoes were a surprise because the seeds had no colour at all. The pumpkin was picked last week, which is much earlier than I planned, but the vine was withering to nothing and the bugs were all over it.

Today’s harvest

It’s been quite a battle with the ‘alien’ bugs, so named because their bodies resemble that classical alien head shape. And in the process of squishing, literally hundreds of these nasty things, I discovered they have blue innards. Seems pretty alien to me.

The $80 cost of my plot has been well worth the money. I’ve discovered that I can use a large tool shed full of everything you need to garden. There is compost and mulch included and lots of watering hose to reach my veggies.

I was happy to see today that I finally have tiny melons growing. After lots of flowers falling off, I had my doubts about harvesting anything. And there are three more pumpkins in progress – which will require more alien surveillance.

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